Fall Squash Ravioli and Fettuccine Nests, The Depot Event Space
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Fall 2021 Menu for Alachua County Delivery!
It's pumpkin season!
This was her FIRST time cracking an egg-How cool! I love teaching children how to cook!
Table for four- The Ilaria, Family Fettuccine Class

This class is PERFECT to get the kiddos and family far and near involved! A tad bit more on the simpler side, yet such a fun, interactive and perfect pasta making course!

Gearing Up :)
The most special birthday date night
This is why I always bring backup-haha!
Traditional russet potato gnocchi class
Do you know what a potato ricer is?
I LOVE a finished product pic!
Happy 30th birthday to the beautiful birthday girl & mama to be!
Mother's Day Weekend Kickoff!

A beutiful family of 3 generations of beautiful women and mothers. This event was so special and I am so happy I got to kick off mother's day weekend with these gorgeous ladies and mamas!

Triple yolk!!

Madison got a double yolk in one of her eggs! This was a special surprise, and I do love a triple yolk based dough!

My set up :)
Give away basket!
Traditional ravioli & gnocchi class
The FUNNIEST dad I have ever met!
And the sweetest couples
Ladies night!
These women perfected the traditional rav game!
Fresh & hand cut
Prepared and plated
Shrimp & fettuccine alfredo, prepped and cooked by yours truly.
Family fun & pasta making for TEN
Al Fresco
The kids totally outdid the adults!
Pasta by Pollio X Plantstay!
Plantstay setup for team bonding event!
St. Patrick's day Celebrations!
Plantstay team takes on Pasta by Pollio
Doing what I do best
Green for St. Pattys! Fresh homemade spinach puree for a light green and taste infusion
Custom made signs for any event
Surprise date night! Birthday Celebration
Such a special holiday experience-Pasta for 5!
Fettuccine and farfalle
Farfalle-bagged up and perfect for a shorter, fun, wine night!
My infamous 60 year old pasta board
Sweet potato, pumpkin ravioli
5 AMAZING teachers! Pumpkin ravioli and fettuccine class!
Teachers are superheroes!
Role reversed-teaching the teachers.
Mrs. Ashley Gallen, my LOVELY, hard working, intelligent intern.
Party of 6

Ravioli & Gnocchi Course

Set up
The girls! (And vino, of course)
Mid Gnocchi process
Who says your fur baby can't participate?
High School Sweethearts
This course was held in my home!
Plated & served
A beautiful birthday celebration set up by the sweetest boyfriend!
I can set up & get creative in even the smallest of space, or table!
"The Elena" Date night special-Sweet potato gnocchi & traditional ricotta ravioli.