Hi! I'm Elena! I am a Mama, partner to my best friend, lover of all things simple, and one bold energetic Italian American girl from Jersey!  I have a fire in my soul to bring the Italian way of life to your hearts and homes through Pasta by Pollio.

I am the daughter of Ronald and Rita, and Granddaughter of  Michele and Carmelina Pollio. I am proud and honored to bring my Italian heritage and love of fresh homemade Italian pasta here to Gainesville, Alachua County and beyond. My mother's family immigrated to Jersey City from Meta, Sorrento in 1963. I attribute all of my cooking skills and knowledge to my mother and grandmother. It is my passion and desire to bring people together by taking you through my hands on pasta making courses while using the Pollio's 100+year old recipes and methods.

In March of 2020, like millions of humans, my career path and life was turned upside down due to COVID-19. However like everything in my life-I do not let it define me. I let it build me- stronger and higher than ever before. In April, I moved to Florida to live with my partner, my other half.  He has strengthened, loved, and built me throughout this entire new endeavor.

From 2015-2020  I was a Meeting and Events Manager for the largest event production technology company in the world in New York City. I planned corporate meetings, trade shows, galas, political events, and many more for up to 3,000 attendees in 70K sq ft event spaces and up. I put my heart and soul into each event I have planned throughout my career-and I plan on doing that through Pasta by Pollio and then some. Planning events at such large capacities was thrilling however I am SO excited to get personal with smaller group events, doing and teaching what I love and am most passionate about: traditional Italian pasta dishes. To put my heart and my being into every single special event and occasion. 


Prior to my career in New York, I received my B.S.B.A in Business Management and Marketing from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. While attending Bloomsburg University, I worked my way up to being the chapter president of Phi Beta Lamnda (collegiate FBLA) in my senior year with 118 members in my chapter. Go Huskies!


I have a heart the size of a mountain and a deep passion and desire in starting this journey.

When one door closes, a greater one is waiting for you.

With all of my love

Con amore e pasta,