Pasta by Pollio

Residential pasta making events, workshops, private parties- for any occasion. 

Currently spreading pasta & love in the Stuart, Hobe Sound, Jupiter, Palm Beach County, and West Palm Beach area (and beyond!)

Using the Pollio's 100+ year old recipes and methods, learn how to hand craft

traditional Italian raviolis, gnocchi, pasta shapes & dishes.

Crafted with your hands and whole lot of love (and laughs), from start to finish.


M: (201) 214 4203 

IG: Pastabypollio

Our Story

57 years ago on January 23rd 1963, my late grandmother and grandfather Carmelina & Michele Pollio left their life in Sorrento, Italy and rerouted to America.  In a 125 square foot closet on a boat, they packed in  their 4 children, one small suitcase and one BIG dream. For a better life for their children. To pursue the American Dream. Shortly after their arrival to Ellis Island, my grandfather became a butcher at the Shoprite in Hoboken, NJ. My grandmother was a wonderful mother, seamstress, and homemaker-but most importantly, pasta maker.

So, here I stand today, the daughter of an immigrant family starting my own American Dream. To invite you into my Italian heritage by bringing people together through the art and love of crafting homemade authentic pasta, the traditional Italian way.

The background is a collection of photos of my grandmother, grandfather and mother. The bottom right is a letter my grandmother wrote 3 months after embarking on their trip to America. These are extremely special to me and my heart. This album was gifted to me from my Zia Maria when I visited her in November, 2019 in Meta, Sorrento on her farm. She still owns her olive tree farm, and works HARD from sunrise to down.

Government officials changed my grandmother's name from Carmelina to Carmella to "Americanize" her name, and my grandfather was documented as female since  his name looks like "Michelle". Michele pronounced in Italy is "Me-Kel-Aye"